Resumé making is not only a methodology that one develops, but also an art that one must appreciate. A resumé provides the potential employer the opportunity to understand the depth of the experience, the nature of professional achievements and the ability to innovate on the job. We therefore believe that structuring the resumé is the most critical step to achieve the career goals that we have set for ourselves.

Given the nature of the competitive environment around us and the desire to excel in our field of interest, it is almost mandatory to portray and highlight our achievements and recognitions to our potential employers. It therefore becomes necessary to comprehend the intricacies behind the ‘Do’s’ and the ‘Don’ts’ to Resumé Making. Focusing on past accomplishments that compliment the nature of responsibilities at our target employer, filtering out unnecessary information, highlighting our goals that harmonically gel with the nature of work, and stressing on neatness and readability are some of the aspects that one must keep in mind

Locus Enterprises has been providing recruitment solutions for the past decade. With our business spread across India and the middle-east, we have catered to a wide range of industries for positions across the entire organization chart. With the rich experience with our candidates, both successful and unsuccessful, coupled with the experience of our chief advisors, we have acquired the expertise in portraying the qualities of a candidate that suit the requirement of leading professional institutions. We strongly believe that our team of professional consultants possess the ability to restructure your resumé in the most effective way to suit the dynamic requirements of our clients. With our strategic support, we believe that we can mould your resumé to need of the hour, making it more ‘Marketable’ to your dream employer.