Key facets and strengths of Locus services are:

Diverse and Dynamic Database
Team Locus is constantly engaged in scouting for resources for creating industry-specific talent pools. With its large and dynamic database, it is able to readily offer high-quality middle and senior management resources covering a diverse range of functions and levels at any point of time.

High Success Rate and Tight Timelines
Ensuring high success rate and meeting tight timelines is a way of life with us. We make continuous efforts to synthesize new ways that leverage our capabilities and resources to suit our esteemed clients. Our superior assessment of client requirements and comprehensive approach always helps our clients kick start their recruitment requirements, as we skillfully narrow down to the right candidates.

Long Term Relationship
Built and continue to build long term relationships with clients and applicants.

Work Ethics and Confidentiality
Locus is committed to operating with the highest ethical standards at all times and maintaining total confidentiality in regard to all documentation or information provided by the clients/applicant professionals.

We understand and have deep respect for client/ applicant expectations. Our mission is always to deliver quality-driven solutions working proactively in complete co-ordination with the clients. Reliability, integrity, honesty, confidentiality and transparency form the backbone of our delivery.

Customer Service
Locus continuously strives for high and measurable customer service. It ensures prompt response, creative and comprehensive recruitment solutions, adherence to timelines, unfaltering communication and seamless co-ordination, co-operation and availability.